Did you know that more than 10,500 Georgetown alumni have found true love with a fellow Georgetown graduate?

This Valentine’s Day, read their stories and submit your own. How did you first meet? When did you know she or he was “the one”? What’s your favorite Georgetown experience together?

Share your 150-word-or-less story and photo and read the stories of other Georgetown alumni couples:

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For inspiration, check out the stories below.

Elaine (Hughes) Andolina (N'73) and John (C'72, M'76) Andolina

Ours is a two generation love story! I met my husband John on October 2, 1969, the first day of biology lab. I was late to lab (so many people to talk to rushing from class in Walsh to Reiss!). Father Bauer motioned me up to the last spot left, across from John. We became fast friends and started dating second semester. We married in 1974 at Holy Trinity and have three children. I chaired the AAP committee in Rochester all these years and dragged the kids up to bio lab in Reiss every year at chairmen's meetings.

Our oldest, Jeff (C'00), was assigned MY room on 4th Darnall and met his wife Sarah (Gallick)(C'00) in October of HIS sophomore year (they met over a euchre game in the lounge). Jeff also went on to med school (at UVA) and he and Sarah married in 2004, also at Holy Trinity. There are too many coincidences to recount (for example, my roommate married John's roommate and Jeff's roommate married Sarah's!!). Their rehearsal dinner was at the top of the Key Bridge Marriott, where our reception had been thirty years earlier.

We are all Hoya fans. In fact, just a few weeks ago, I flew to Chicago to babysit our first grandson Nathan John, Sarah and Jeff's baby, all day for their annual trek to Marquette for the GU b-ball game.

Gail Gillis-Louis (C'75) and Conan Louis (SLL'73, G'78, L'86)

I was president of the Black Student Alliance in 1971, and Royden B. Davis, S.J., then dean of the College, asked me to welcome the new African American students in the Class of 1975. Gail has always claimed that she knew then that I was the one. Although I was attracted to her (cheerleaders do wear those rather short skirts), we were just very good friends for the next two years, and it wasn't until her junior year that we began dating.

When he married us in Dahlgren Chapel on May 3, 1980, our beloved Fr. Davis commenced the ceremony with the following: "This is a day for which we have been waiting for a long time." Then he turned to Gail and said, "Some of us longer than others."

We remain loyal Hoyas, having both served on the Board of Governors and on the board of Hoyas Unlimited. Our daughter, Maya, has missed few Hoya home basketball games since she was two months old! We are hoping that Maya, who is now 6'4" and a junior at St. John's College High School in D.C., will play her college volleyball on the Hilltop!

Laura Mabie (M'82) and Keith Serxner (D'82)

Laura and I were actually married at the Dental School by Joseph Sweeney, S.J. Father Sweeney declared the entire campus to be a "church" and, as his parishioners, the marriage was valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Dr. Taylor, the dean of the Dental School, gave us keys to the beautiful room where the board of directors met. He knew our entire wedding budget was $800 (and the Kennedys had Dahlgren Chapel booked up). The Rabbi from the Law Center also presided, and we had a wonderful ceremony attended by classmates, our professors and Dean Taylor.

Laura and I met as blind dates at a Halloween party sponsored by the medical students. In those days, the dental students essentially went to med school for two years, sharing classes with the med students. The med students threw the best parties, and since we only had four women in the dental class, we were all keen to attend.

Laura and I dated all throughout med/dent school. I graduated on a Saturday in May of 1982, we married that next Wednesday night, Laura graduated on Sunday, and we packed up to drive to Los Angeles the next day. We celebrate our May wedding date, but we always have a special dinner to celebrate Halloween, the most wonderful party we ever attended!

Mary-Alice Moore (I'84) and Chris McAleese (C'84)

In the grand tradition of Transfer Orientation Aides scoping out the new, unsuspecting students, Chris popped by our hideous room in Alban Towers because he had gone to high school with my roommate. Another transfer student caught his eye first, so he and I were simply dining hall buddies at first, because our schedules were similar. Eventually we were together all the time. I think our friends realized we were dating before we did, ha. We dated all through Georgetown (including study abroad in different countries), but broke up after graduation and re-connected at a Georgetown Club of New York alumni event two years later. We've been married 20 years and now enjoy our three wonderful boys. If there was ever a testament to the value of volunteering, Orientation Aide is it *wink*.